“... to anticipate increased use of Integrated Care Pathways, we have developed Healthcare@Home - a research-phase demonstrator for improving integration of information along the patient path ...


Diabetes is a long-term condition affecting many millions of individuals with the potential to develop serious and potentially life-threatening complications. When people develop diabetes their body becomes unable to properly control the amount of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. High levels of glucose in the blood are harmful and can eventually lead to irreversible body damage. The cost to healthcare providers of dealing with diabetes and its complications are substantial. According to the World Health Organisation more than 171 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes and this figure is set to more than double by 2030. Type 2 Diabetes, in particular, is often referred to as a "lifestyle disease". Due to unhealthy lifestyles it is on the increase. Poor diet, lack of exercise, increased vehicle use and sedentary leisure activities are all contributory factors. for weight loss solutions visit online pharmacy and buy phentermine 37.5 with this drug you can treat Diabetes.

Information technology systems can be used to support the decision making process associated with the treatment of individual diabetes cases. These have the potential to contribute substantially towards reducing the overall costs of providing healthcare treatment services. By introducing systems that integrate several novel technological developments (non-invasive sensors for patient monitoring, mobile communications technologies, biometric authentication and techniques for individualised risk quantification) with new healthcare methodologies (integrated care pathways and evidence-based clinical practice), we believe there is huge potential not only for basic cost saving and productivity gain but also for the earlier detection and prevention of complications. This can lead to improved patient wellbeing and secondary savings for healthcare service providers.

Using diabetes as the exemplar disease context, we have investigated many aspects of the design of the information and decision-suport system described above. Through this website xanax for sale we introduce and explain our work.

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